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3 min read

You've Received a Lead - Now What? Tips for Closing More Business

By Penny M

You’ve got a lead from your website… but what’s the next step? As a business owner, converting prospects into customers can be a daunting task. But it’s essential for making your business thrive and grow. Nurturing leads into sales can take some skill, time, and effort – but it’s well worth the investment. So what are some ways you can close more business? In this blog, we’ll break down a few best practices to get your potential customers to seal the deal.

Don’t Wait, Follow Up Quickly

Remember the infamous “3-day rule” when it comes to dating? Essentially you don’t want to seem “too eager” to contact the person.

Now, forget that rule.

This is your business! When someone needs a product or service – they need it ASAP or they wouldn’t have contacted you. When you get a new lead on your website from someone who’s in the market to buy – there’s no such thing as a too quick reply. Don’t give your prospective clients time to forget about you, your company, and what you offer. Or even worse, don’t give them a reason to go with your competitor.

Did you know that 78% percent of customers buy from the company that responds to them first? What’s more, you’re 7x more likely to qualify a lead when reaching out within an hour as opposed to just sixty minutes later.

If a prospect contacts you via email or a lead form, a thank you email should be sent immediately to explain that someone will be in contact with them shortly. Better yet, let them set up an appointment directly via email or within the first form. If they called you, either speak with them directly or set up a time to call them back. The key is showing that you’re interested and want their business.

Nurture The Leads and They Will Grow

If a potential customer contacts you via your website, they’ve taken careful thought and consideration about your company. With a plethora of similar businesses out there, the options can seem endless. So when they choose you, it’s a big deal because they’ve most likely visited a few sites and done their research before making the jump to reach out to you.

As soon as you get an email from a prospect, establish an open line of communication with them so you stay at the forefront of their mind. Ask them questions, get to know them, and most importantly, show them that you care. Customers want to know that a business isn’t just after their dollar. They want a company that will go above and beyond for them.

And – personalize! Customize your interactions with each prospect based on their specific needs and interests. Use their name, reference the product or service they showed interest in, and tailor your messaging to make it relevant to their particular needs. Personalizing your communications makes people feel valued and increases the likelihood that they will become paying customers.

Put Your Knowledge, Authority, and Expertise on Display

People love confidence, it’s a known fact. Nothing feels better than being assured by someone who says they are equipped to handle any task thrown at them—no matter how large or small the job may be. Discussing all your services and products with your potential customer in depth could be enough to close the sale.

But how?

Because you’re taking the time to thoroughly explain to your potential customers all you have to offer! A good company might say, “Here’s what we offer, and here’s the cost,” while a great company says, “Here’s what we offer, this is how it can benefit you, and here are all the options you can choose from.” See the difference? Compassion can go a long way. People want to know that you care and are there to help them, not just take their money.

Put Your Persuasive Skills To The Test

This is where your inner salesperson needs to surface. Sometimes you may have to experiment and try different ways of persuading the prospect to agree to your services. This could be due to them being nervous or having a fear of making a wrong decision. If this is the case, take more time to explain your various products and services to them even more.

For example, you don’t need to persuade a potential client that they need your product or service—they already know this, and that’s why they contacted your business.. Instead, you need to explain to them why your business is the best choice, what your team can bring to the table, and how you can turn their visions into a reality.

Try discussing past clients and their positive experiences or even show your previous work if your company offers services. Many people are visual and like to see what they’re buying before they take the plunge.

High Level Marketing offers clients an easy and repeatable way to capture more Google reviews using our Footprint™ Dashboard.

Automating your process takes the responsibility of requesting reviews from your team and helps ensure you’re asking the right people at the right time to leave you a favorable review.

Bottom line, building relationships with your potential customers is the top priority when trying to prove that your business is the best option. However, it can take some trial and error to figure out the ideal approach to engage with prospective customers and get them to choose your organization over your competitors. Nevertheless, by providing excellent customer service and learning and responding to their needs, you can attract more customers to effectively grow your business.

Author: Penny M

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