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2 min read

Why Choose High Level Marketing for Paid Search?

By Penny M

PPC or paid search advertising is not only an effective way for brands to get to the top of search results- fast, but it also offers numerous benefits that can greatly enhance a brand's visibility and reach.

Why PPC?

With PPC, businesses have the opportunity to appear at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs), instantly gaining exposure to a wider audience and increasing their chances of attracting potential customers.

In today's competitive digital landscape, where businesses are constantly vying for attention, PPC provides a shortcut to gaining prominence in search results. By bidding on relevant keywords and creating compelling ad copy, brands can position themselves above organic search results, capturing the attention of users who are actively searching for products or services related to their industry.

Advantages of PPC

One of the key advantages of PPC is its ability to deliver immediate results. Unlike other digital marketing strategies that require time and effort to gain traction, PPC allows brands to instantly appear in front of their target audience. This is particularly beneficial for new businesses or those operating from home, as it provides them with a level playing field to compete against more established competitors.

Moreover, PPC offers a high level of control and flexibility. Advertisers have the ability to set their own budget, choose specific geographic locations to target, and define their target audience based on demographics and interests. This level of control ensures that businesses can optimize their campaigns for maximum performance and return on investment.

However, while PPC may seem straightforward at first glance, it is a highly complex and nuanced advertising method. It requires a deep understanding of keyword research, ad copywriting, bid management, and analytics.

Can You Do PPC Yourself or Should You Hire a Digital Marketing Agency?

Launching a PPC campaign on your own may seem tempting if you have the time, patience, and budget. After all, there are plenty of online resources that can guide you through the process. However, as a trusted digital marketing partner, we strongly advise against it.

While it may appear simple on the surface, PPC is far more complex than Google leads you to believe. Many of our clients at High Level Marketing have approached us after wasting their entire monthly budget in just a few days or paying exorbitant prices for clicks and leads that were irrelevant to their business.

It’s no secret for every business advertising online; one or more businesses compete for the same valuable digital real estate. That means newer and smaller companies in competitive industries or markets can’t simply start a campaign with keywords, demographics, and geo targets and expect good results - unless you have money to burn.

To get the best results from paid search advertising (and by best results, we mean high brand visibility and converting the most customers at the lowest price per click), it takes an experienced paid search strategist like the ones at High Level Marketing.

What's at stake? Your reputation.

And here’s one more reason hiring a specialist in Google paid search advertising is a smart investment: to protect your brand’s reputation.


1. Your competitors can include your brand name in their keywords and search terms.It’s one of the many tactics used in conquest advertising. Do you have time to constantly monitor keywords? We have strategies and systems to monitor your competition and make campaign adjustments as needed to ensure your brand stays on top.

2. Building a keyword “exclusions list” can be just as important to your campaign’s success as the keyword list? The paid search experts at High Level Marketing plan for that too. As cited in Search Engine Land’s article, New research shows Google serves almost half of all ad traffic on fake news sites.Our successful ad placement strategy not only identifies the best places to target your ads but also knows how to avoid placement next to content or sites that might negatively impact your brand’s reputation.

If you're considering PPC or paid advertising to give your brand the boosted visibility it needs to get more customers; we can help! Learn more about Paid Search services.

Author: Penny M

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