3 Key Types of SEO Spas Need to Build feat. Ryan Files.

About this Podcast

“SEO works like a snowball down a hill —it builds upon itself, the larger it gets, the faster it goes, and the more impactful the results will be.” Ryan Files

As a spa owner - you’re already stretched thin managing your business. Listen as HLM’s cosmetic & aesthetic digital marketing expert Ryan Files identifies the 3 key SEO types spa owners need to grow their business and rank FIRST on Google!

In this Episode:
HLM’s Ryan Files joined Daniela Woerner, owner and CEO of Addo Aesthetics and host of the popular top 100 iTunes podcast Spa Marketing Made Easy to discuss, “The 3 Key Types of SEO Spas Need to Build.”

Now, sit back, relax, and let's dive into the key SEO types you need to dominate the online market!

You will learn:

  1. What SEO is and why, as a spa owner, this essential digital marketing strategy can significantly impact the success of your business.
  2. The three most important types of SEO that Spa owners should focus on, whether you are just starting SEO or looking to ramp up your efforts. How long you can expect to see results after committing to your spa’s SEO strategy.
  3. How long it takes to see results, and how the use of paid Google ads can shorten your timeline.
  4. How to allocate your time and financial resources wisely, depending on where your business stands.
  5. How Google Maps and Reviews play into your rankings and how careful management of reviews is essential to build trust with potential clients and counteract any negative or fake reviews that might arise.
  6. How HLM’s unique tools and approach help business owners strategically implement SEO - for both short and long-term gain.