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2 min read

Transform Your Calls with AI Call Scoring

By Michelle Nieset

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing and customer service, efficiency and lead quality are paramount - but what business has time to review every inbound phone call?

Here at HLM, we’ve partnered with Callrail to offer our customers an advanced solution that leverages artificial intelligence to make the review of inbound calls much more efficient and realistic.

Through the use of this technology, HLM can automatically listen, transcribe, summarize and score every call being tracked. Not only does this provide you as a business owner invaluable insights to your lead intake process, but it helps HLM find better ways to optimize your digital strategy. Let’s dive in to learn more. 

What is AI Call Scoring?

So how does AI Call Scoring work? Using machine learning algorithms, this intelligence analyzes call recordings and transcripts to determine their relevance and potential value. The system scores calls based on predefined criteria, such as lead quality, customer satisfaction, and conversion potential. 

How Can this Data be Used to Enhance Your Marketing Efforts?

Through our years of marketing experience, we know best how to leverage this technology to enhance the campaigns we support for our customers, and we've determined the most effective way to utilize this technology in order to deliver the most reliable results.

Here’s some insight as to how we make use this data:

  • Improved Lead Qualification - One of the primary challenges in marketing is distinguishing high-quality leads from ones that aren’t. By establishing key phrases and workflows, AI Call Scoring can automate the process of analyzing conversations and scoring them accordingly. This allows our teams to focus their efforts on leads with the highest likelihood of conversion, so that we can optimize the allocation of your resources and increase the return on your investment.
  • Data-Driven Campaign Adjustments - Insights gained from AI Call Scoring allows us to make data-driven decisions about campaigns. Understanding which channels and messages generate the highest quality leads allows us to be more informed when optimizing your digital strategies. This continuous feedback loop helps to craft more effective campaigns that reduce wasted marketing dollars on leads that don’t convert.
  • Enhanced Customer Insights - By analyzing call data, AI Call Scoring provides deeper insights into customer preferences, pain points, and behaviors. These insights can inform not only marketing strategies but also product development and customer service improvements, ensuring a more holistic approach to business growth.

How can AI Call Scoring Help Streamline CSR/Intake Processes?

AI Call Scoring not only helps drive more quality leads with your digital investments, but it’s also an extremely useful tool to improve your lead intake process, ensuring you deliver the best possible customer experience. Here’s a couple of ways you can use AI Call Scoring data to improve internal processes: 

  • Training and Development - The insights generated by AI Call Scoring can be invaluable for training new Customer Service Representative (CSR) staff and improving the performance of existing team members. By analyzing calls, managers can identify areas where representatives and salespeople excel - and where they need improvement. This targeted approach to training enhances the overall competency of your team.
  • Automation and Scalability - As your business grows, so does the volume of inbound calls. AI Call Scoring automates the evaluation process, ensuring that every call is analyzed without the need for additional human resources. This scalability is crucial for maintaining efficiency and quality as call volumes increase.

The Key Takeaway

HLM’s AI Call Scoring is not only a great way for our team to manage and improve digital strategies to drive optimal performance, but it’s also a game-changer for businesses looking to streamline their CSR processes. By automating lead qualification and providing actionable insights, you can focus on what truly matters – delivering exceptional value to your customers. 

Contact HLM today to learn more about activating this service for your business by giving us a call at (888) 717-4249 to speak to someone within minutes, or book a call directly with a consultant on our contact page.


Author: Michelle Nieset

Chief Production Officer

As HLM’s Chief Production Officer, Michelle Nieset aims to build strong teams and foster a collaborative environment, ensuring our solutions exceed our customers’ expectations. With over 17 years of experience in digital marketing and leadership, she’s dedicated to helping our teams deliver top-notch results. When she’s not at work, Michelle loves spending time with her husband and two boys, enjoying the outdoors, hiking, and vacationing at the beach whenever she can.

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