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5 min read

7 Reasons to Hire a Specialized Home Service Marketing Agency

By Penny M

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Why You Need a Home Services Marketing Specialist

Let's paint a picture. Say your mom lives out-of-state and needs her furnace fixed. She knows a handyman. He calls himself a “general fix-it guy” in the home services space but isn't specifically an HVAC tech. Would you tell her to trust him to fix her furnace? Absolutely not.

Sure, he's a nice guy. He's performed quality home repairs for her in the past, but being in the home service industry you know he doesn’t have the knowledge, experience, or certification you’d want from someone working on one of your mom's most important home systems.

The same holds true for hiring marketing company for your home services business. Why choose a general marketing company that includes web design in their long list of promotional services when you know you'll have the best success with a digital marketing agency that specializes in the home services industry?

97% of people start their search for local businesses online.

Your local market is highly competitive and thanks to Google, the digital world is evolving at a rapid pace. A local marketing professional or general advertising agency usually doesn't have the resources to keep up with the newest web dev technology, paid search strategies, SEO trends, or local business digital marketing.  

Partnering with an experienced, qualified local digital agency that specializes in the home services industry is crucial for your business to compete online and win in your local market.

What can and should your experience look like working with a home services marketing agency? 

To get a complete picture, we spoke with High Level Marketing's Home Services Lead Digital Consultant, Cole Willis, and Lead Customer Success Manager, Jeff Campbell. Willis and Campbell have worked with thousands of businesses in the HVAC, plumbing, electrical, landscaping, and pest control spaces.

The Top 7 Reasons to Partner with a Home Services Marketing Agency from the Experts at High Level Marketing

1. Resources for finding new ways to reach customers

A dedicated home services marketing partner is knowledgeable about the industry overall and the unique issues and business relationships within it. This comprehensive understanding of your industry better equips them to help you successfully navigate the digital landscape.

Campbell shared various ways he and his fellow customer success managers strategically advise home service clients on a path to success within the industry.

Drawing on relationships with distributors

“High Level Marketing understands HVAC at the distribution level, and that allows us to be more efficient and effective for contractors. We had a contractor who was excited to roll out a campaign to release HVAC units. Thanks to our relationship with the distributor, we knew the contractor would be facing a shortage of units. We were able to use that distributor knowledge to design a marketing campaign for the contractor that focused on social media, brand awareness, and repair business rather than something they wouldn’t be able to execute on.”

Shaping Campaigns around Seasons

“High Level Marketing understands the seasonality of home services. Within the HVAC space, we push service and replacement when it’s right and encourage setting up regular maintenance checks to tide businesses through the winter season. With pest control, we know that certain bugs are more prevalent during certain weather conditions -- we’ll run a mosquito campaign when it’s hot and rainy, for example.”

2. Expert guidance for making marketing decisions based on data

First-party data from past experiences is gold to us, and we use it regularly to help deliver success to our clients through campaigns and new offerings.Reviews and reputation are everything when it comes to home services businesses.

We also provide resources to home services businesses with tips to improve their online reputation.

3. Specialists in local SEO, website SEO, and local listing optimization

“A lot of our home service clients’ target market isn’t near their office location. Their service area has a different footprint,” says Campbell. “A lot of agencies will build around the physical location, and that’s a missed step.”

“We think about the customer journey, the type of customer they’re trying to acquire, and create campaigns that are meant to attract that type of buyer. We drew on our knowledge of the 10-year life cycle of HVAC for one of our HVAC clients. And we used location-based mobile and targeted older homes to reach customers most likely to convert.”

Explore this case study to learn how Mastercraft Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing grew from five trucks to forty with High Level Marketing.

4. Help you focus on revenue-generating campaigns based on your market

As an experienced home services marketing agency, High Level Marketing knows the importance of generating revenue for businesses like yours and the right strategies to deliver successful business outcomes.

Willis recalled working with one of his major construction clients. “We know that roofing is the highest value service. So when we looked at the budget allocation for their campaigns, we knew where we could make the biggest impact in terms of profit margin.”

5. Build a solid digital foundation starting with a fast, highly optimized website

Your industry is competitive. And it can be challenging to keep up your revenue stream month over month, year over year. Our experience and past data taught us several ways to give clients the best chance at sustainable growth.

A strong website foundation is one of the primary ways to grow. “If the foundation isn’t solid, businesses will miss out on a tremendous amount of leads,” says Willis. “Beyond just focusing on digital marketing efforts, we make recommendations to get your website on solid footing. Our experience has taught us that this gives clients a better chance at success in the long run.”

6. Provide custom solutions tailored to your business and opportunities within your market

Advising on the market opportunity

Many business owners we talk to don’t know how much revenue they can achieve if they conduct reliable digital marketing on a sustained basis. Discover the possibilities with High Level Marketing.

Coaching on Lead Intake

Many home services business owners are single operators or a small team. They’re the ones fielding the calls. They struggle to get back to all their leads. Even the larger companies can have some breakdown in lead intake processes. As they work with us, we coach them on best practices for lead intake and management and help keep it front of mind. 

Recommending what’s best for your goals

We get it -- everyone wants leads and they want them now. At High Level Marketing, we know what works. Our job is to have real and honest conversations with you and guide you towards revenue-generating opportunities for better rankings and visibility in your market.

Beyond just impressions and clicks, we focus on the highest converting channels, providing the greatest return on investment for our clients. With flexible scheduling and proactive recommendations, we'll take care of your digital marketing while allowing you to focus on what you do best.

"A lot of business owners have become successful because they know their trade well", says Willis. “But what they didn’t learn when getting their hands dirty is how to market their business, what their ad copy should say, etc.” When you’re our client, “we take care of all of that for you.”

Beyond impressions and clicks

“At the end of the day, anybody can sell clicks and impressions,” says Campbell. “What we’re looking for as we go through calls and search queries is the highest converting channels. We allocate budget and efforts accordingly. We’re looking for where we can make the biggest impact and provide the greatest return on your marketing investment.” “Amen,” seconds Willis.

7. Tailor services to meet your needs so you can focus on growing your business

Willis, Campbell, and our Home Services marketing team work with businesses like yours and are true partners doing whatever it takes to help you achieve your goals.

Below are a handful of examples of what you can expect when working with a home services marketing agency like High Level Marketing.


Home services businesses start their days early and end them late. We’re flexible and tailor our communications and meetings around your schedule.


We’re focused on your business and leveraging digital efforts to help it succeed. That means monitoring and evaluating every aspect of your online performance and making proactive recommendations when we find there’s room for improvement. For example, if we’re driving traffic to a site, but the conversion rate isn’t as high as we’d like, we’ll take a closer look and make proactive recommendations for improving user experience and Calls to Action (CTAs).

Tailored Solutions

Some clients want to be hands-on, and some don’t. But all our home services clients want someone they can trust, and we aim to get to that level. We know your preferences, what’s important to you, and proactively make changes aligned with your goals. “That level of confidence...the level that shows we know clients’ businesses on a deep level...that is really valuable,” says Willis.

High Level Marketing is Invested in Your Success

We believe an internet marketing agency should be more than a digital marketing vendor. That's why we continually invest in our tools, technology, and experts. When you partner with our internet marketing agency, you'll have access to our team of experts and benefit from our success within the home services industry, PLUS a dedicated customer success team focused on your success.

Isn't it time you partnered with a marketing team that specializes in your industry and wants your business to be a success? Request a SEO and Website Analysis

Author: Penny M

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