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Generates Record Growth with HLM!


How Mastercraft Grew from Four Trucks to Forty.

Mastercraft is a family-owned Heating, Cooling, Electrical, and Plumbing company in Metro Detroit, MI. With 60+ years of experience in the local HVAC industry, they had solidified their position in the community as the trusted, recommended HVAC company in Michigan's Tri-County area. When Owner Steve Bez met HLM nearly 15 years ago, he had worked with a freelance website designer and was left with an ineffective website that didn't provide much benefit and was looking for a better experience.

HLM Results Impacting Growth.


Growth Year-Over-Year


Increase in Web Traffic


More Leads Per Week


"I Put My Trust in the HLM Process, and It's Really Paying Off."

When we started with HLM, we were 3 million in sales. We didn't know how to get more business from our website, and we didn't have experience in website marketing. But now, after partnering with HLM and our own acquisitions, we’re a 16-million-dollar company. They have shown us different ways to market online, from Social to Paid Ads, SEO and Video. We still do some radio spots on occasion, but really the internet is doing very well for us. We just need more good workers and skilled trades."

Steve knew coupon books and word of mouth would only get him so far, and digital marketing would be essential for meeting his sales and revenue targets. So he took a chance with another young, entrepreneurial company, HLM. "We watched HLM grow with us. They have a great experience with online marketing and help us understand the digital world better. Plus, they know our HVAC industry very well with other companies nationwide doing what we do."


Key Strategies.

Professionally Branded, Fully Optimized Website 

Focus on Brand Name, Experience, and Reputation

Focusing the website on Mastercraft's experience and value allowed us to design a more professional, personalized website, filled with relevant content that demonstrates authority in the HVAC field and speaks to why they are the area's best choice for heating and cooling. This approach resulted in a user-friendly website with higher engagement that more than tripled furnace and AC repair phone calls. "The leads coming through the website are way up. We used to get maybe 2 to 4 leads per week. Now we get that number every day or so."

Local SEO and Google Business Optimization

Focus on More Traffic, Quality Service Leads, and NAP Consistency

Mastercraft has an excellent online reputation for the services they provide. Our SEO team took that to the next level by optimizing Mastercraft's Google Business Listing and sending more trust signals to Google through NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) consistency using quality backlinks from reputable directories. Additionally, we developed custom landing pages with quality, customer-focused content to generate more opportunities for Mastercraft to appear in search results for various HVAC, plumbing, and electrical service search queries.

“Get hooked up with a good website and digital marketing company, that’s where it’s at nowadays. If you're not online you're not going to grow.


— Steve Bez, Owner Mastercraft


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