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2 min read

Use ServPro's Success to Grow Your Restoration Company

By Don Marks

With a multi-million dollar advertising campaign encompassing digital marketing, radio, sports sponsorship, and broadcast T.V., its no surprise that ServPro is the #1 searched Restoration Company in the United States each month

Commanding between 58,000 to 110,000 searches monthly, there's ample evidence proving their comprehensive marketing strategy positions them as a household name in the industry. To drive this point home, ServPro’s monthly search volume is nearly equal to the next nine largest companies combined.


ServPro - 58,000 to 110,000 searches monthly

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Next 9 Largest Restoration Companies by Search Volume

Company Name Monthly Searches
Service Master 20,000
Paul Davis Restoration  15,000
Belfor   9,000
Puroclean   5,500
911 Restoration   3,000
Rainbow Restoration   2,800
ATI Restoration   2,600
BMS Cat    1,200
Blue Team Restoration      900


I Get It - ServPro is Huge. How Does That Help Me?

By employing a concept called Conquest Marketing.

Conquest Marketing is when a company runs a paid advertising campaign designed to make your advertisements appear when someone searches for "ServPro," or other terms related to competitors in your local market (such as "Service Master," "Roto-Rooter," "Puroclean," etc.)

Basically, when someone searches for one of your competitors, your ad can appear near the top of search results.

The cost-per-click for this type of marketing can range from $8 to $35 or higher depending upon the competitiveness of your local market. By comparison, the average cost-per-click for a term like “water damage restoration” is between $50 to $100 in most national markets. 

Sounds a Bit Too Easy - What's The Catch?

Even within the same industry, every business is different, from its size, to it's goals, rate of growth, services offered, market competitiveness, marketing budget, and more.

Your digital marketing strategy needs to be tailored to your specific business. For some companies, in some markets, Conquest Marketing won't make sense.

Even when it does, you'll need to be thoughtful about which brands you attempt to target. If you're a 10-man operation, it might be more beneficial to piggyback off the success of a local competitor 2 times your size, instead of jumping straight to associating with ServPro.

As with all effective paid advertising campaigns, ongoing optimizations and tweaks are needed to make your investment as efficient as possible.

For example, you don't want your ad appearing when someone Googles "Service Master Employee Portal," as that's a Service Master employee making that search, and not a potential customer.  

So How Do I Decide If This Will Work For Me?

By doing the research.

There's dozens of factors that will determine if this tactic is a good solution for your goals, and it'll take some individuals with years of real-world digital marketing experience in the Restoration and Home Services industries to make that determination.

High Level Marketing can provide you with a tailored recommendation that fits your goals and needs, which may or may not include Conquest Marketing. After all, you're reading this because you're interested in growing your business - its a safe bet that you're not too concerned with the specific tactic that accomplishes that goal, assuming everything lines up with your budget.

All it takes is a free phone call with one of our Digital Marketing Consultants to begin researching how we can help you grow.

Book time directly with a Consultant on our Contact Page, or use our Contact Form below to get a call within minutes.


Author: Don Marks

Content & SEO Marketing Manager

Don Marks is HLM's Content & SEO Marketing Manager. With 18+ years of Digital Marketing experience, Don has guided hundreds of small businesses with innovative strategies that have helped them grow online.

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