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3 min read

The 3 Key Types of SEO Spa Owners Need

By Ryan Files

A massive 97% of consumers research local businesses online.

Having a well-crafted search engine optimization (SEO) strategy is essential to making sure your spa, medspa, or aesthetics business tops the search results.

The sooner you start SEO and the more consistent you remain, the more successful (and passive) your results will become.

As a business owner, starting or improving your spa’s SEO marketing journey can feel overwhelming and with far too many options - where should you begin? What’s the best way to implement SEO? Should you go it alone, or hire an expert? And you may even be thinking, “I’ve heard of it, but what the heck is SEO anyway?

Like other ever-evolving digital marketing tactics, SEO strategies and practices shift rapidly, with search engine algorithms - specifically Google - changing constantly, affecting where your business ranks when searched.

How crucial is SEO?

Research reveals that 90% of Google’s traffic occurs on the first page. This means that your business has a 10% chance of being chosen and receiving a click from an internet user if you are on page two. Page three and beyond are virtually irrelevant. Spas and other aesthetics businesses require a spot on the first page of Google's search results more than other types of businesses as they are most often found online.

“SEO works like a snowball down a hill —it builds upon itself, the larger it gets, the faster it goes, and the more impactful the results will be.”

Ready for better results from your digital marketing?

As a spa owner - you’re already stretched thin managing your business. Listen as HLM’s cosmetic & aesthetic digital marketing expert Ryan Files identifies the 3 key SEO types spa owners need to grow their business and rank FIRST on Google!

In this episode:

HLM’s Ryan Files joined Daniela Woerner, owner and CEO of Addo Aesthetics and host of the popular top 100 iTunes podcast Spa Marketing Made Easy to discuss, “The 3 Key Types of SEO Spas Need to Build.”

Ryan and Daniela covered the following topics:

  1. What SEO is and why, as a spa owner, you should take great care of this essential digital marketing strategy.
  2. The three most important types of SEO that Spa owners should focus on, whether you are just starting SEO or looking to ramp up your efforts. How long you can expect to see results after committing to your spa’s SEO strategy.
  3. How SEO works over time, and how the use of paid Google ads directly affects your timeline.
  4. Ryan’s pro tips and suggestions on how to allocate your time and monetary resources to SEO based on where you are with your business.
  5. How Google Maps and Reviews play into your rankings as a local brick-and-mortar business, and some insightful statistics to help mitigate unsavory or fake reviews.
  6. How HLM’s unique tools and approach help business owners strategically implement SEO - for both short and long-term gain.

Are you ready to turbo-charge your spa’s SEO? Don’t go it alone!

Book your complimentary SEO consultation with Ryan here:

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About Daniela Woerner and Addo Aesthetics Addo-Daniela-1

Daniela, a licensed aesthetician who has worked as a spa director as well as consulted with the top skincare brands in the world, is an expert in marketing strategy and retail sales in the spa industry.

Addo Aesthetics helps transform aestheticians into successful spa owners who go from chaotic to confident, building a life they love with strategic systems needed for true freedom, flexibility, and financial growth.

Addo offers a variety of courses, coaching programs, done-for-you resources, and live events all focused on building a profitable spa business that is scalable. Members of the Addo Aesthetics team have expert knowledge in e-commerce, social media and branding, digital marketing and advertising, and private-label skin care.

For more information about Addo Aesthetics, visit:

To listen to additional episodes of the Spa Marketing Made Easy podcast, visit:

About Ryan Files, VP of Sales, High Level Marketing

With over ten years of experience and holding six separate Google certifications, including Analytics, Display Advertising, and SEO, Ryan is especially focused on the healthcare and aesthetics industries at HLM providing business development and digital marketing solutions for his clients, which includes individual practices from spas to dermatologists and plastic surgeons, as well as aesthetic manufacturers such as Rohrer Aesthetics, BTL, The Salt Facial, and PDO Max.

Author: Ryan Files

Senior Digital Marketing Consultant

With years of experience as a Digital Marketing Consultant and a focus on the Healthcare & Aesthetics industries, Ryan has helped hundreds of businesses create winning strategies that market and grow their practices and businesses effectively.

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