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2 min read

HLM's Summer Fridays

By Lauren Anderson

In just a few short weeks the official start to summer kicks off, yay!  And, while the days grow longer, the season sure is short! At High Level Marketing, we recognize the value of how precious the summertime is and have made it a priority to dedicate time for our team members to step away from work and enjoy the long Summer Days. Over the last 3 years, we’ve embraced the tradition of Summer Fridays, which is aimed at honoring our team’s hard work while encouraging much-needed rest and relaxation.  

So What are Summer Fridays at HLM?

Throughout the summer, we've selected various Fridays in which we will have half-day Fridays, along with one full-day closure to extend the 4th of July holiday. These half days allow our team to shut down at lunchtime and get a jump start on the weekend.

Why Summer Fridays Matter

With the hustle and bustle that is life, prioritizing team member well-being and a good work-life balance remains a top priority at HLM. We have found that Summer Fridays benefit our team, our clients, and the overall business. Not only is our team members well being boosted, we’ve also seen an overall increase in productivity and positive workplace culture. When our team feels taken care of they in turn take care of our clients and the business.

What We Love About Summer Fridays

Not only do we love how this boosts our team's morale, but we also love hearing and seeing how our team spends their time outside of work. Our “happenings” slack channel is filled with stories and pictures of how our team is enjoying their time off. From tee times on the golf course, to family outings at the waterpark, or a lazy afternoon soaking up the sun, it’s fun and inspiring to see how our team takes the time for themselves and their families. 

What Our Team Has to Say

Enough about what we have to say - check out what our team has to say…

Summer Friday’s WooHoo! Being a lover of the outdoors, but living in an area where we experience all four seasons, there are only a few months in the year when I can get out and do what I love. That includes camping and taking weekends to spend some time with nature. With Summer Fridays, I can take the time to have these experiences without worrying about using too much time off or missing work. I am very grateful to work for a company that recognizes work-life balance and allows me to do what I love like HLM does! "
- Ellie Barde, Customer Success Manager
Summer Fridays have been incredibly beneficial, they allow me to recharge and decompress after a busy week. Whether it’s spending quality time with friends, getting a jump start on a trip, or simply relaxing. These Fridays have provided a much-needed opportunity to rejuvenate and come back to work feeling more motivated and refreshed! "
- Maribeth Thomas, Senior Website Designer
Unlike other companies, High Level Marketing truly embraces Summer Fridays. Summer Fridays allow me to be able to enjoy time off with family and friends, get ahead on trips, and turn what would be a normal five-day work week into something exciting because what we can look forward to on Friday. "
- Riley Qualls, Customer Success Manager

Cheers to Summer Fridays

As we get ready to kick off the Summer Season, we look forward to seeing how our teams will cherish this extra time and prioritize their self-care. At High Level Marketing, we are proud to offer this benefit to our team and to foster a culture focused on well-being and balance. Cheers to Summer Fri(d)yays! 

If YOU want to join a team that values employee well-being, give us a call at (888) 717-4249 to speak to someone within minutes.


Author: Lauren Anderson

Vice President of Workforce Development in Administration

As HLM's Workforce Development leader, Lauren Anderson is dedicated to optimizing "people operations." With nearly 15 years at HLM, Lauren has taken on multiple roles, giving her a well-rounded perspective on the company. She is committed to fostering a work environment where people thrive, processes improve, and innovative solutions drive success. When not at work, Lauren loves to spend quality time with her husband and two sons, exercise, and travel to new destinations.

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