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3 min read

HLM Client Blog Roundup - June 2024

By The HLM Staff

Content Marketing is an increasingly important aspect of Search Engine Optimization and improving your overall online visibility. Ongoing content marketing helps build credibility and trust with current customers, clients, & patients - as well as with new leads & prospects.

HLM helps our clients with this by crafting highly-researched blog topics, utilizing our industry expertise and working hand-in-hand with our clients to portray them accurately. Below are just a few examples of recent clients we've helped with their content marketing needs. 

Blog #1: How to Stop Wage Garnishment & Protect Your Hard-Earned Income


Facing wage garnishment can severely impact your financial health and peace of mind. To navigate and resolve this issue, it's vital to learn about the nature of wage garnishment, the causes behind it, and effective strategies to put an end to it, helping you regain financial control.

If you're in the Professional Services industry and need any kind of marketing help, be sure to visit our Professional Services page to learn more.

The Info:


Blog #2: Top Causes of Machine Component Failure and How To Prevent It


Ever wondered why individual mechanical components fail, and what you can do to prevent or delay failures from occurring? Leverage the decades of experience that Cornerstone Mechanical has amassed by reading this post we helped them with.  

If you're in the Manufacturing industry and need any kind of marketing help, be sure to visit our Manufacturing page to learn more.

The Info:


Blog #3: Swimming Pool Electrical Safety: Tips and Guidelines


As temperatures rise and homeowners open up their pools for the season, it's important to keep in mind the safety concerns that should be addressed, to ensure as much pool-side fun as possible. Check out this blog we helped Arc Electric Company with, centering on electrical safety around your pool this summer season.

If you're in the Home Services industry and need any kind of marketing help, be sure to visit our Home Services page to learn more.

The Info:


Blog #4: Roofing 101: Understanding the Different Types of Roofs


Investing in a new roof is not a decision to be made lightly, given the cost and various considerations that should be taken into account. If you're a newer homeowner, or one that hasn't needed to understand the different roofing options available until now, then this post is for you. Check out the post to see how we helped Sherriff Goslin Roofing provide useful content to their customers and website visitors.

If you're in the Roofing industry and need any kind of marketing help, be sure to visit our Roofing page to learn more.

The Info:


Blog #5: Beat the Heat - Cardiovascular Tips for Hot Days

UAB Medical West Month 17, Blog 1 Image

With temperatures rising and heat waves blanketing large swaths of the country already this season, tips around how to beat the heat are more relevant than ever - especially for elderly citizens and those with pre-existing heart conditions. Visit the post below that we helped UAB Medical West with, in order to provide their current and prospective patients with tips to maintain good heart health.

If you're in the Healthcare space and need any kind of marketing help, be sure to visit our Healthcare page to learn more.

The Info:


Blog #6: Explore the Glo2Facial: The Next Level of Skin Rejuvenation


Rounding out blog post #6 is an article serving two purposes - educating current and prospective patients about the name change & rebranding of what was known as the OxyGeneo facial to it's new name (Glo2Facial), and educating website visitors about what the Glo2Facial is and it's benefits.

If you're in the Dermatology industry and need any kind of marketing help, be sure to visit our Dermatology page to learn more.

The Info:


If you need help creating quality content that demonstrates your expertise and helps with your search engine visibility, give us a call at (888) 717-4249 to speak to someone within minutes, or book a call directly with a consultant on our contact page.


Author: The HLM Staff

Staff Contributor

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