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4 min read

24 States. 20 Million Heat Pumps. Is Your HVAC Marketing Ready?

By Art Johnson

Why Do I Need to Market Specifically for Heat Pumps?

Because in late 2023, a group of 24 states announced their intention to encourage the installation of 20 million new heat pumps, effectively quadrupling the existing number of heat pumps currently in place by the year 2030.

On February 14th of this year, the Department of Energy announced an additional $63 million in funding to support domestic manufacturing of heat pumps, reducing availability and cost barriers even further, in addition to spurring job creation on both the manufacturing and installation/fulfillment sides of the HVAC industry.  

With increased focus and incentives on making heat pumps more accessible to more homeowners than ever before, you'll need to make sure your HVAC business is being found online for heat pumps and all other services you offer.

Do You Appear For "Heat Pumps Installers Near Me?"

Type those words above into Google right now. Does your HVAC company appear in the search results? Is it near the top? Does your business appear in the Maps section?

Take a break and grab a coffee 5-10 miles from your office and perform that same search again. Are you appearing in search results now?

If your answers are mostly "no," then you'll need to improve your Organic SEO efforts to take advantage of the coming increase in heat pump-related searches.

This means ensuring you have dedicated service pages about heat pumps, with content that explains the benefits to the homeowner, your installation process, testimonials from customers who have benefited from your heat pump services, why customers should choose you over other HVAC businesses, and a Frequently-Asked Questions section.

This page also needs to be designed to be "conversion-focused," ensuring that it's as easy as humanly possible for visitors to contact you for more info about your service, be that via a very easily-found phone number, an easy-to-use contact form directly on the page, or a live chat feature.

I Have a Heat Pump Service Page - What Else Can I Do To Be Found By More Customers?

Add more content to your website around topics related to heat pumps that answer typical customer questions, and that demonstrates your expertise.

Doing this increases your chances of appearing in search results, and it'll also build credibility and trust with your website visitors, which will encourage them to contact you. 

You can do all of this by writing blogs.

Let's say I chatted with someone the other day about how their new heat pump saves them money on their heating & cooling bills, and I'm a little curious. I've got a few spare minutes at work, so I Google, "heat pump savings."

If you have a helpful blog post answering this question, you may appear in search results, just like the second search result in the screenshot below, when I performed a search for "heat pump savings" on February 19th, 2024, at 8:59 am, in Richmond, VA.



for Larger Image

Click to view

Ok, I get It - A Service Page and A Blog Post. What Else?

The great thing about content & blog posts is that if there's a strategy around them, they can work together to magnify their reach and results. The more this happens, the better you show up in search results.

Over time, your blog posts can become greater than the sum of their parts.

Take a look at the real-world search results below, all centered around heat pumps. Do you have quality, human-written, SEO-optimized blogs posts around each of these actual customer searches? Your competitors might.

Actual Searches Customers Perform Actual Search Results (Click for Image 👇)
What is a Heat Pump?
How much does a heat pump cost? Howell's Heating & Air, plus others
What is a heat pump water heater? GoodBee Plumbing
How long do heat pumps last? Glasco Heating & Air
Do heat pumps need maintenance? Hannabery HVAC
Tax rebates for heat pumps? Smith & Keene
Is special training required for heat pump installation? ROX Heating & Air

Some of the Results Above are Paid Ads. Can't I Just Run Ads for Heat Pumps?

You absolutely can and should run paid ads if your marketing budget allows! We'll even be discussing that in an upcoming blog post, but here are some things to consider about only running paid ads:

  • Investment Requirement - paid ads can be a great lead-generation tool, but depending on your goals and market competitiveness, ads can be somewhat expensive for what you receive in return.
  • The Right Tool For the Job - If you need leads now, paid ads can be a good solution, but when your budget for ads is spent, if you're not also ranking well organically through ongoing SEO & blogging efforts, you may effectively disappear from Google. The downside for only investing in SEO & blogging is that this approach can take longer to see results, but the results can be long-lasting.
  • Any Business Can Run Ads - Starting a paid ads campaign isn't difficult. Doing it right and constantly optimizing is much more difficult. Even then, when a customer clicks on your ad, they'll do at least a little research about your company. If your landing page and website clearly demonstrate your expertise and provide supplementary content that answers the questions of potential customers, you'll get more calls, period.
  • Leverage What You Already Have - It's usually easier (and cheaper) to keep existing customers happy and provide additional services than it is to acquire new customers. An avenue for generating more revenue can be to inform customers about other services you provide (like how heat pumps can save them money and there are tax incentives to help as well). This can be done through Email Marketing and Social Media - but don't think it's as easy as making a post or sending an email! To ensure as many customers open your emails and engage with your posts as possible, a marketing strategy around this needs to be thoughtfully created.

What You Should Take Away from This Post

Clearly there's real government money behind the push for heat pump manufacturing, distribution, and home installation.

As consumers begin to learn about this effort, demand will increase.

Make sure you're not only capitalizing on that demand, but that you're leading the pack by proactively informing and educating your current and prospective customers about heat pumps, in order to build trust, credibility, and your business's bottom line.

Contact us today at (888) 717-4249 or click here to directly schedule a call with a Digital Marketing Consultant.

Author: Art Johnson

Senior Digital Marketing Consultant

With over 20 years of experience as a Digital Marketing Consultant, Art has helped hundreds of businesses create winning strategies that outperform the competition and grow their digital footprint.

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