Viewpoint Psychology & Wellness.

Local mental health provider maintains 99% capacity and grows to three locations with HLM.


Viewpoint's Journey to Three Locations with HLM.

Viewpoint Psychology & Wellness is an outpatient Mental Health practice recognized for providing compassionate, effective psychological and psychiatric services. They came to HLM in 2016 with one location and a gift for community involvement and self-promotion. Working together, Viewpoint’s online presence became a pivotal factor in its growth and its website soon emerged as the #1 resource for connecting with potential clients. Today, with help from HLM, Viewpoint is ready to open its 3rd location. 

“I have been working with HLM for over 5 years and I cannot speak highly enough about their performance. Their support is second to none.

— Glen Schwartz, Director of Operations- Viewpoint Psychology and Wellness

How Our Success is Measured.


Web Traffic from Local Listings


Patient Capacity Booked


Conversions from Organic



Key Strategies for Growth.

Building a Website Experience That Supports Business and Patient Needs.

Because of Glen's business and marketing prowess, he understood the untapped potential of Viewpoint’s website and online reputation. 

Evolving User Experiences

Understanding the changing needs of its patients and staying updated with current trends, Viewpoint continues to reinvest in its website, undergoing 1-2 major redesigns since its launch in 2016.

Full Website Utilization

Viewpoint capitalized on the website’s useability and potential to streamline operations by working with HLM to add a patient portal. The portal, complete with a new patient paperwork section, seamlessly integrates with their CRM, ensuring patient confidentiality.


Viewpoint’s website is now the primary source of client intake and engaging visitors beyond expectations.

Ensuring all Locations Are Visible in Local Search Results.

24.4% of all clicks go to the first result of local business searches, making Viewpoint’s Google business listings and local web pages crucial to reaching and securing new patients looking for therapy.

Continuous Website Optimization

HLM stays on top of search trends and algorithm updates and monitors Viewpoint's website for indexing or performance issues in addition to changes in page rankings, impressions, or traffic so we can make updates and recommendations accordingly.

Directory Listings and Google Business Profile Optimization

In addition to a robust linking strategy, HLM ensures Viewpoint's business listings are consistent and updated and the Google Business Profiles for each location are fully optimized. This ensures people searching for therapists near them see Viewpoint at the top.


The data from GA4, available from December 4, 2022, to September 17, 2023, reveals that organic search now dominates, contributing to over 60% of their total traffic, both in terms of users and sessions.

Being a True Partner in Strategic Decision-Making.

The biggest advantages of working with an experienced agency are collaboration and peace of mind that you have a team you can rely on for data-driven recommendations and the ability to adapt strategies to meet new circumstances. Here are a few areas where Viewpoint relied on HLM to guide and make recommendations. 

Where to Start

To kickstart its online presence, we launched an aggressive Paid campaign. However, as their organic reach and conversions skyrocketed, we phased out PPC.

What New Services

As the world changed, so did the needs of their patients. Glen constantly collaborated with HLM to expand and position new services. Most recently, Viewpoint collaborated with HLM to launch its new teletherapy service. To help Viewpoint deliver the good news, we added a dedicated page to the website and promoted it with paid campaigns.

Where to Expand

HLM played a pivotal role in guiding Viewpoint’s expansion plans. Search analysis helped HLM recommend a West Farmington location, identifying it as an area with high search volume and minimal competition. The new location is scheduled to launch in 2024.

When to Shift Strategy

When traffic and conversions slowed a bit for the West Bloomfield location we were able to shift our attention to optimizing the local website page. With updates to the header, schema, and internal links, our SEO expert was able to gain significant traction. Viewpoint’s West Bloomfield page saw 9.76% more impressions (110.8% more than the prior six months) and 83.12% more clicks (183.1% more than the previous six months.)


More Services: Teletherapy is now a significant revenue source for Viewpoint.

More Therapists: Viewpoint currently operates at 99% capacity for all locations and is hiring more therapists to support the need.

More Value: A whopping 62% of Viewpoint's traffic and 71% of website conversions come from organic searches, keeping the cost per lead low.


Viewpoint’s success story is a testament to the power of digital transformation, particularly in the health and wellness sector. Their symbiotic partnership with HLM has not only facilitated impressive growth but also ensured they remain at the forefront of their industry. As Viewpoint looks to the future, the digital foundation laid by HLM ensures they are poised for continued success.

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