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Nationally Recognized Dermatologist Triples Office Space with the Right Digital Strategy from HLM!


Alabama's #1 ABD Certified Dermatologist Triples Office Space with the Right Digital Strategy from HLM.

In the highly competitive world of Dermatology, a comprehensive local digital marketing strategy is crucial for any practice to stand out and attract new patients. Dr. Hartman, the founder of Skin Wellness, Medical Director, and Board Certified Dermatologist in Birmingham, AL, has successfully transformed his local Dermatology practice, Skin Wellness, into a nationally recognized cosmetics and aesthetics center, thanks, in part, to his collaboration with HLM, a leading digital marketing agency. 

HLM Results Impacting Growth.

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Before Partnering with HLM, Dr. Hartman Didn’t Associate Local SEO with Revenue Growth

When Dr. Hartman first partnered with HLM, he had two goals, improve rankings in SERPs for his Dermatology practice and build his personal brand. A quick review of the Skin Wellness website, market penetration, and total market opportunity revealed inefficiencies and waste with his former Agency's digital strategy. In fact, with HLM, Skin Wellness spends about the same amount in SEO now as then... but gained an extra 14K visitors per month (from 4,321 to 18,036.).

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Key Strategies.

HLM's 4-Part Approach to Grow Practice and Influencer Reach

1. A Digital Strategy Makeover

A highly optimized website is the cornerstone of any successful dermatology digital marketing campaign. We optimized the Skin Wellness website to better showcase Dr. Hartman's expertise and offerings. The refreshed Skin Wellness website built trust and credibility among potential patients and was essential for securing Dr. Hartman's personal brand. The website features local landing pages that support multi-channel strategies that allow Skin Wellness to penetrate new markets with a variety of services.

2. A Platform for Thought Leadership

Content marketing is a powerful tool to showcase Dr. Hartman's expertise and help him establish his position as a thought leader in the industry. As part of its ongoing digital marketing strategy, the HLM content team works closely with Dr. Hartman to develop engaging, relevant blog posts focusing on topical events, product and service highlights, and educational content that resonates with his target audience and boosts the practice's online presence. As Dr. Hartman increased followers and email subscribers, HLM was able to capitalize on this newfound influencer status to reach new markets, drive additional traffic to the Skin Wellness website, and further cement Dr. Hartman's reputation as a leader in the field.

3. A Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy

Keyword Research and Optimization
A targeted, local SEO strategy is essential for any dermatology digital marketing campaign. To secure top positions in this highly competitive market, our SEO experts conducted extensive keyword research to identify the most relevant search terms for Dr. Hartman's practice. By honing in on high-performing keywords and optimizing website content accordingly, they significantly improved Skin Wellness's appearance in SERPs for specific services and procedures. Over its 8 years with HLM, Skin Wellness's website traffic has grown from 4,321 total users to 18,036. 

Competitive and Opportunity Analysis
In addition to keyword research, the Skin Wellness SEO strategy required a thorough analysis of industry trends and competitor performance. After evaluating the search volume, competitiveness, and click potential of various search terms, HLM worked with Dr. Hartman to identify the high-priority search terms and develop a data-driven SEO plan that targeted the most promising growth opportunities. This collaborative approach significantly increased Skin Wellness's organic rankings and traffic for multiple keywords and services. Today, Skin Wellness is present in searches for medical, laser, and cosmetic dermatology. Searches include Botox, Dermal Fillers, Laser Tattoo Removal, Skin Tightening, and Treatment for Sun Damage. 

Targeting High-Priority Locations 
Local SEO is a powerful tool for driving growth and attracting patients from specific geographic areas. As part of a comprehensive local SEO strategy, the HLM SEO team created location-specific service pages. By focusing on high-priority zip codes and high-priority keywords, HLM was able to significantly increase the practice's visibility and rankings in key markets. This targeted approach improved the practice's online visibility and helped attract a more diverse patient base.

Maximize ROI and Minimize Waste

By concentrating our SEO efforts on local markets and high-priority search terms, HLM was able to cut waste and help Skin Wellness achieve impressive results without increasing its marketing budget. This data-driven approach maximized ROI and significantly increased organic traffic and overall growth. Today, Skin Wellness ranks on the first page for all desirable search terms in Birmingham: (BOTOX in Birmingham, BOTOX in Homewood, Dermatologist, Dermatologist 280 Birmingham, Skin Care, etc.)

4. Expanding Reach Through Paid Advertising

Optimizing Highly Targeted Campaigns

The Skin Wellness paid media strategy included three unique search-only campaigns focused on laser treatments, cosmetic procedures, and medical services. By honing in on high-performing keywords and prioritizing specific zip codes, these targeted campaigns were able to effectively expand Skin Wellness's reach and attract dermatology patients from a wider geographic area. To maximize the effectiveness of Skin Wellness's paid advertising, the HLM paid team continually refined the targeting criteria, including audience demographics, location, and time of day. This strategy yielded a staggering 408% increase in Skin Wellness's services and reduced its cost per conversion by 78.37%, well below the industry average.


Supporting Dr. Hartman's Personal Brand Strategy.

Utilizing Content Marketing

Building a Cohesive Brand

Dr. Hartman was able to catapult his practice from a local Dermatologist to a nationally recognized Dermatologist by consistently producing high-quality, informative content. HLM supported his goal by publishing blogs and website content that resonated with patients and industry professionals and ultimately built a cohesive brand identity and online presence for Skin Wellness. Dr. Hartman grew his personal brand from 10 followers to 118K followers in about seven years.

Utilizing Email Marketing

Growing Newsletter Subscriptions

Dr. Hartman uses email marketing to nurture relationships with potential and existing patients. To help grow newsletter subscriptions, we added special callouts and CTAs directing visitors to sign up.  The success of Dr. Hartman's email marketing efforts has helped grow his practice and played a key role in supporting his overall influencer brand. 

The Benefits of a Long-Term Partnership with HLM.

By working closely with Dr. Hartman and the Skin Wellness team, HLM can maintain a marketing strategy that directly supports his personal and practice growth goals. Rather than focusing on superficial branding efforts, HLM concentrates on driving leads and generating quantifiable results.

Building Trust Through Transparency

Maintaining open lines of communication and regular meetings is essential for a successful client-agency relationship. Dr. Hartman and his team meet with HLM every 45-60 days, with additional quarterly meetings to review the overall strategy and analyze the results. This collaborative approach helps us make informed decisions about our marketing campaigns and continually refine Skin Wellness's campaigns to maximize ROI.

Staying Ahead of Industry Trends

In the rapidly evolving world of dermatology, Dermatologists must stay ahead of industry trends and adapt their marketing efforts accordingly. Dr. Hartman and HLM have worked closely together to ensure that their digital marketing strategy remains cutting-edge and effective, driving continued growth and success.

Focusing on Impactful and Quantifiable Outcomes

A successful dermatology digital marketing strategy must prioritize impactful and quantifiable outcomes. By focusing on driving leads and generating measurable results, Dr. Hartman and HLM have demonstrated the value of their marketing efforts and continually optimized their approach for maximum ROI.

Delivering Quantifiable Results

The long-term success of Dr. Hartman's digital marketing efforts has significantly impacted the growth and expansion of his practice. In recent years, he has been able to triple his office space and relocate to a larger, more modern facility, further solidifying his position as a top dermatologist in the region.

“Every year with HLM builds on the last. I would not have the practice I have today without them.

— Dr. Hartman, Skin Wellness


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