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A Remarkable Journey of Digital Marketing Success Amidst Uncertainty.



Bold Engineering. Flexible Solutions. Intelligent Automation.

Since its establishment in 1983, RedViking has been a leading force in providing custom automated assembly solutions for the manufacturing industry with automated guided vehicles (AGVs), manufacturing execution system (MES) solutions, and automated testing solutions. They are recognized for developing elegant, highly-engineered solutions for difficult manufacturing problems.


Bolder Branding. Modern UX. Quality Leads.

Recognized for their bold engineering solutions, RedViking sought a digital agency specializing in B2B marketing to create a modern website that would attract bigger clients and generate high-quality leads. Before HLM, RedViking had an SEO company that produced about 10-12 leads per month, but they averaged about a year to close. They transitioned to HLM because of our diverse B2B and manufacturing portfolio and our exclusive Footprint technology.


Broader Reach. Bigger Deals. Strategic Partner.



The Proof.


Increase in Organic Traffic YOY


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The Journey.

RedViking's success story is a testament to its resilience, innovative spirit, and the transformative power of a strategic partnership with HLM in the face of challenging times. We met with RedViking's Content Marketing Manager, Jessica Langton to it break down.

Overcoming Challenges and Embracing Change

As RedViking’s website and SEO strategies gained traction, there was a dramatic shift in RedViking’s market landscape. Costs were fluctuating, and they went from being the sole engineering company to being one of several. With HLM's analytical prowess and RedViking’s collaboration, we ensured the right adjustments were made to the strategy and budget. Together, we navigated the changing dynamics, solidifying RedViking's market position.

The customer service has been fantastic. I know that I can always reach out with any issues, questions, or concerns and Lauren is on top of it and able to provide an answer quickly. HLM is understanding and open to questions about our PPC/SEO campaigns and does their research to elevate our company ahead of others in the competitive space of AGVs.”

Navigating the Storm: RedViking's Pandemic Pivot

When the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the world, RedViking faced the abrupt halt of their primary lead generation channel—trade shows. With HLM's guidance, RedViking swiftly pivoted, leveraging new opportunities in the digital realm. Through comprehensive analysis, we uncovered untapped potential in paid advertising, propelling RedViking to reach its target market and achieve record-breaking sales during the pandemic. Because RedViking quickly adapted to the new market conditions, while others struggled, they closed about 1M in sales during Jan-Feb 2021.

“HLM truly helped RedViking during the 2020 pandemic as a new way to find leads. They saw an opportunity for RedViking to be one of the first AGV sellers to use PPC campaigns to increase their brand awareness and target specific audiences. This launched RedViking into a new space where we are able to connect with our target customers like no other AGV company has been able to do.”

A Powerful Partnership.

Today, the partnership between RedViking and HLM thrives, delivering exceptional results through organic and paid strategies. With HLM's expertise, RedViking has gained quality leads that perfectly align with their industry and services, resulting in substantial revenue growth. Notably, multi-million-dollar deals have been secured, including a recent organic lead that closed at a staggering $10 million.

HLM's unwavering commitment to RedViking's success has established us as their trusted digital marketing partner. Together, we have propelled RedViking to the forefront of its customers' online research experience. By accurately targeting its audience, enhancing lead quality, and increasing project sizes, RedViking continues to dominate the manufacturing landscape.

“High Level Marketing has proven to be a key partner for RedViking as we’ve worked together to put RedViking at the forefront of our customers' online research experience. With their services, we are able to accurately target our customers while increasing our lead quality and project size.”

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