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Unlocking Growth in Niche Industries: How High Achievement Center Reaches Target Clients with HLM.



Life Coaching Programs That Help You Create the Life You Want to Live.

Based in Farmington Hills, MI, High Achievement Center offers Life Coaching services designed to help people take control of their lives in the areas of Personal Development, Leadership Skills, Budgeting, Purpose & Vision, Relationship Management, and Business success. Partners Jodi and Mr. Joe work together to create personal plans and guidance to set their clients up for success. 

“If you’re a true business owner looking to grow, HLM is for you.

— Jodi Lehman - Owner, High Achievement Center

Year-Over-Year Results Impacting Growth.


More Organic Sessions


More Organic Impressions


More Organic Clicks


Like many owners with niche businesses, Jodi and Mr. Joe wore several hats and struggled to find people who could effectively market their services. Although they built a solid base of clients with a basic website and word-of-mouth referrals, they knew to grow their business, they’d need to move their marketing focus online.

They chose HLM because of our transparency, professionalism, and candidness regarding their total marketing opportunity, their current online presence, and what it would take, long-term, to achieve their business goals.



How HLM helped these Life Coaches reach target clients with highly targeted, local SEO.

Challenges Specific to Niche Industries.

Content Creation

Finding writers who asked the right questions and could genuinely understand and effectively communicate their unique offerings.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Unique businesses and services that don't fit neatly into conventional Google business categories, make it difficult to get visibility in local search results.

Knowledge Gap

Owners of niche businesses don’t have a library of best practices or tips for marketing businesses like theirs. And although many know some digital marketing basics, they don’t have the time or capacity to reflect on how emerging trends or changing algorithms may impact their business, or figure out how to adapt “proven” tactics to their unique business.

Building a Solid Digital Foundation.

High Achievement Center needed a digital agency to build an online foundation to help search engines connect their business with people searching for topics related to life, financial, or credit help.

Website Redesign

With input from Jodi and Mr. Joe, we updated their website with a brand refresh, and created a fun and informative user experience optimized for engagement and conversions. With users now understanding the benefits of life coaching and imagining how much better life could be with help from Jodi and Mr. Joe, they started generating a stream of new clients from organic search. 2022 marked a substantial growth in organic leads, thanks to consistent branding and on-page SEO work.

Local SEO Strategy

With the majority of clients coming from local search, High Achievement Center needed a local SEO strategy that included strengthening their Google Business Profile (GBP) and creating NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number consistency across reputable directories.  HLM optimized its GBP with proper categories and designed an on-page SEO strategy to help search engines better understand its business and drive more traffic from increased visibility in Google Maps, Local Listings, and directories.

SEO Year-Over-Year Results

22% More Calls from GBP
288% More Impressions for GBP
13% Increase in Organic Rankings

Content Marketing

HLM’s experienced writers captured High Achievement Center’s essence and developed website content that not only reflected its expertise in Life Coaching, Personal Development, Leadership Skills, Budgeting, Purpose & Vision, Relationship Management, and Business Success but also made their services more relatable with tangible value and benefits. This helped increase website engagement and build trust and authority with Google.

Guided Marketing Decisions

For niche industries aiming to thrive in a competitive digital environment, the long-term partnership between High Achievement Center and HLM is a prime example of the true value of sticking with a long-term strategy and a trusted partnership with an experienced digital agency. It underlines the value of an expert partner who offers not just solutions, but also education, guidance, and consistent collaboration.

Through mutual trust and consistent communication, HLM guided HIgh Achievement Center's marketing decisions, ensuring a cohesive online strategy and encouraging honest feedback on lead quality that led to better lead quality for more services. HLM's communication and results-driven approach cemented their partnership with High Achievement Center, making them hopeful for an even brighter 2023.

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