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Bolstering Digital Reach for Nationwide Growth.

General Filters, in Novi, Michigan manufactures industry-leading residential whole-house indoor air quality and filtration products that improve the quality of life for customers across the country. They needed their new website to serve three purposes, connect customers to service providers, connect service providers to General Filters, and be a valuable resource for product knowledge and supplies. And they needed a local digital agency that could make the most of their digital presence and leverage their site to grow their marketing audience.


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The Real Value of a Long-Term Digital Partnership

Paige reflects on her relationship with HLM. "A lot of companies will engage a new customer and then forget about them. HLM does not do that. The response from HLM is immediate, so you never have to wait a long time for someone to respond to any questions or concerns you may have. Their service is exemplary. "  With HLM, you get a dedicated account manager and a performance dashboard that puts the tools and data you need to make smart marketing decisions with just a few clicks.

Key Strategies.

Searching for the Right Agency Fit

Paige interviewed 5 or 6 different developer companies before choosing HLM, including one recommended from out of California. But she wanted to support Michigan business, and she wanted an agency that was transparent and available throughout the length of the partnership, and could deliver a flexible website experience that was agile enough to support their future goals. Her number goal was to own the content and be able to make changes as quickly and as often as she needed. "HLM showed me so much more of what I could have with a website."

A Simplified Website Experience for Multiple User Types

Focus on Products, Visitor Engagement, and Growing Digital Contacts

We worked with General Filters to develop the overall design of the site and offered ideas about how to encourage visitor engagement. Their primary customers are wholesalers but the website needed to accommodate three users: wholesalers, contractors, and homeowners. This included 3 different experiences depending on the user's first click. Creating specific interactions for the homeowner resulted in new contacts with whom to continue the HVAC conversation.  

Clarity and Connections to Grow Confidently 

Focus on Results, Growth, and Communication

General Filters uses Google Analytics to measure traffic and determine ROI. With HLM's Footprint™ technology powering their website, and integrated with Google Analytics, they not only have a fast and flexible CMS that grows with them, they have a personal dashboard where they can manage and rate leads, generate customer reviews, track HLM's work, and have more informed conversations about what we're doing to grow their business. 

"We are 100% satisfied with HLM's work, and they have helped our company grow our online presence. We’ve probably added over 25,000 contacts via the website, and I am able to export that information in any way I need. I also can maintain the information, and I can dive into the details. I know who has ordered from us, who has submitted a product registration, and who has asked to return a product. I also can see specific information about the ways that people engage with us."

“We would not run as efficiently as we do today and we would not have the number of contacts we do today without HLM.

— Paige Freeland, Marketing Manager, General Filters

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