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Long-Term Digital Strategy Pays Off with the Opening of a Second Location!


Stalled Agency Relationship and Low-Quality Leads Inspires a Move to HLM.

Dr. Chris Davis, a top-rated, board-certified ENT doctor in Alabama and owner of Excel ENT partnered with High Level Marketing (HLM) to overcome declining lead quality and achieve consistent and sustainable growth. By leveraging our expertise in healthcare marketing and adopting our tailored digital marketing strategies, Excel ENT quickly filled its schedule with target patients and, within a few years, expanded by opening a second location. 

HLM Results Impacting Growth.

Jan 2018-Dec 2022


More Organic Website Visitors


More Conversions (PPC)


Less Cost per Conversion (PPC)


How Dr. Davis Grew His Practice with HLM.

Before partnering with HLM, Excel ENT faced challenges in attracting its target patients through digital channels. With a highly competitive market of nearly 100 ENTs in Birmingham, Alabama, Dr. Davis's former agency struggled to deliver results. He needed a new digital partner to develop a modern, comprehensive local digital marketing strategy that would differentiate his practice, dominate search results, and pave the way for expansion into new markets.


Key Strategies.

Fresh, User-Centric Website Design:

Our digital strategists thoroughly analyzed Excel ENT's website, online presence, and market penetration. They discovered that Excel ENT's previous agency and its multichannel approach, while initially successful, resulted in inconsistencies, broken user journeys, and diminishing returns.

To demonstrate the impact of a website page with optimized content and an enhanced user experience (UX) on website traffic and conversions, we designed a landing page with updated content and strong calls-to-action (CTAs). We included a lead tracker to report on form fills and call tracking, ensuring the results were undeniable.

The success of this approach prompted Dr. Davis to trust HLM with a complete redesign and rebuild of the Excel ENT website, incorporating a robust interlinking strategy and improved user journeys.

Tailored SEO and Content Marketing Strategies:

A robust, local, organic search strategy is crucial for healthcare providers to dominate search results and reach new patients. Our SEO experts implemented a tailored SEO and content marketing strategy. They started with in-depth keyword research, competitor analysis, and content gap analysis, identifying opportunities for adding and optimizing website pages and blogs with relevant keywords, content, and CTAs. By focusing on high-quality, people-first content that demonstrated expertise, experience, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (E-A-T), we positioned Excel ENT's digital content to reach and engage potential patients in the Alabama market.

As part of our omnichannel approach, our paid team used Facebook ads to drive additional traffic to Excel ENT's blogs, helping Excel ENT dominate SERPs and fueling its authority in the ENT space. To date, Excel ENT blogs are its leading traffic generator.

Local SEO and Reputation Management:

We executed local SEO tactics to enhance Excel ENT's online visibility and reputation. The tactics included optimizing Excel ENT's Google Business Profile (GBP) with links to its website, generating postings, and adding services with descriptions and photos. To Google, these actions demonstrated that Excel ENT was an active and relevant resource for users searching for ENT-related topics. Our performance team also guided the Excel ENT team in understanding the importance of reviews in local listings and assisted in implementing a strategy to acquire reviews.

Highly Targeted Paid Campaigns:
Our paid team was crucial to understanding the online behaviors of Excel ENT’s target patients and instrumental in developing a strategy to add a second location without diverting traffic and new patients from the first location. Between 2017 and 2023 our paid strategist continually refined keywords, campaigns, and geo-targets to reduce wasted clicks and increase conversions for Excel ENT’s target patients in the target locations.


Jan 2018 to Dec 2022 | Excel ENT's collaboration with HLM produced impressive results:

  • 437% increase in website traffic (from 16,000 to 85,000 visitors per year) 
  • 1,153% surge in organic visitors (from 4,321 to 54,151).
  • 36% reduction in low-quality paid traffic
  • 700% increase in high-quality patient leads
  • 79% decrease in PPC cost per conversion

Benefits of a Long-Term Partnership with HLM

Collaboration, Trust, and Time: The Key Ingredients for Online Success.

Dr. Davis partnered with HLM in 2017. Regular meetings allowed our performance manager to review performance, discuss algorithm updates and industry trends, and align strategies with changes in the ENT field. When developing the strategy for Excel ENT’s second location, our team already knew the practice and the ENT industry, plus had all the target patient data, including their buying behaviors, how far they would drive, and what answers or content they use Google to search for. Applying this first-hand knowledge gave us a significant advantage and greatly reduced the ramp-up time for gaining visibility and traffic for the second location.

“HLM continues to provide incredible marketing insights and strategies I need to confidently expand my practice into new markets.

Dr. Chris Davis, Excel ENT

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