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Birmingham Minimally Invasive Surgery Increases New Patients and Revenue with HLM.

Dr. Long is a board-certified general surgeon and an award-winning laparoscopic surgeon who has established his practice focusing on providing efficient and effective surgical procedures with less pain and faster recovery. He's treated thousands of people for conditions ranging from cancer and gallstones to hernias and inflammation. But with the help of HLM, Dr. Long has gained widespread recognition for his exceptional skills in weight loss surgeries.

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Collaboration, Trust, and Time: The Key Ingredients for Online Success.

Birmingham Minimally Invasive (BMI) wanted to help more patients win their fight against obesity. But even after months of hard work, the clinic struggled to boost its patient roster. In 2017 BMI reached out to HLM to expand its digital presence and bring in more new patients. Over the past six years, HLM and Dr. Long have worked closely and collaboratively to define his target clients, focus his website, and build a multi-channel strategy that continues to attract new weight loss patients from across his region.

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Key Strategies.

Redefining Target Patients for Optimal Results

For many reasons, BMI’s number one goal (and measure of our success) was to increase weight loss surgeries. Within the first year, we tripled weight loss surgeries. Then the market shifted. People were researching differently and using a variety of channels to choose their doctors. Through research and analytics and regular meetings with Dr. Long we redefined the target patient and refocused our strategy and campaigns to reach this more informed, goal-oriented patient. With due diligence, data analytics, and the trust of Dr. Long, we continue to deliver the ideal weight loss patients to BMI.

Building & Reinforcing a Digital Foundation for Growth

It’s no secret that people start their weight loss surgery search online. Also, people trust your practice based on your reviews, website, and online visibility. In 2017, we built BMI a professionally branded website with a streamlined UX and pages filled with original content to increase visibility, authority, and trust in the market. 

When the market shifted, it meant revisiting the website with a new lens. We updated the website with more specific information about procedures and prices to reinforce what was already built and attract this new, more informed audience. We also featured lifestyle images and outcomes, balancing logic and emotion to attract more patients. We also added several location-based pages that currently rank on page one in most markets.

Expanding Reach & Dominating SERPs with Paid Ads

Focus on Local Visibility, Backlinks, and Industry Authority

It’s a fact that people travel long distances for weight loss surgery from trusted practices. Dr. Long had an excellent reputation in his local market. By following data and trends, our paid experts were able to proactively target markets across Alabama with the most weight loss searches by people ready to take action. Simultaneously, by refining their audience, location, time of day, and other criteria, we increased conversions by 408% and reduced cost per conversion 78.37%.

“HLM has helped my business grow exponentially. They have excellent customer service and very effective advertising.


Dr. Jay Long, Birmingham Minimally Invasive Surgery

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